Dec 11, 2010 · I think the pedal return spring is not functioning as it should? I've had no problems with the clutch whatsoever, the pedal sometimes stays down after being released but the clutch is engaged. There are no signs of fluid leaks of any nature and the fluid tank is always at the MAX mark. Has anyone ever experienced such a problem? How did you ... Jan 11, 2008 · In the first few days driving the car I felt that the clutch bite point was a little (very!) low. You could drive it OK, but sometimes first and second gear were difficult to select cleanly on the down change unless you really concentrated on pushing the clutch all the way to the floor.

Jul 11, 2016 · However, folks have suggested that I bleed the clutch b/c air bubbles in the fluid can make the pedal difficult to press down. Pressing it into the floor is common as well, since you have to disengage this clutch sensor (look under your dash and watch what happens when you push the clutch in, it releases off this sensor). 2 days ago · An operator reports hearing a scraping, clunking, or squeaking sound when the clutch pedal is moved up or down. The clutch hub is driven by the gearcase in spin mode. even though the point gap is ok, the part which touches the. i guess some are louder than others. Old Car Pedal Starters The idle on my 1997 nissan maxima just goes to 5 or 6000 rpm,then come down.then sometimes it will go to 3000 and just stay. Depress the clutch and the idle will come down to 2000.But never to the set warm idle speed other than that ,runs real well. Oct 02, 2013 · Pull the slave out (since it is easier to do so than the master) to see if it is leaking brake fluid; if it is not, the culprit might be the master. That all is, of course, unless the clip holding the pedal to the MC hasn't snapped or a bad weld on the pedal. I'm driving along and my clutch is just fine, I press down to shift gears and it just goes to the floor and stays. It won't come out of gear so I just brake ... Clunk When Let Off Brake The valve sticks open and fluid gets pumped to the clutch. There is no way for the clutch to stay locked without fluid pressure through the valve body. More likely, at some point, the TCC is locked and when you slow down, it remains locked even though the TCM has commanded to close it allowing for reduction of torque through the torque converter. A friend of mine has a 2012 Sport with a 5 speed and occasionally after shifting the clutch pedal will stay planted to the floor. With a little effort with your hand or foot you can pull it up. I drove her car around the neighborhood shifting at least 50 times and couldn't duplicate it. I got in vehicle with her and right off the bat it did it. Jul 02, 2008 · It's the clutch master cylinder.You have a hydraulic clutch,if the slave cylinder had gone the pedal would go straight to the floor....if the master cyclinder goes,it will stay depressed...bit like... Whining noise when pressing gas pedal May 30, 2018 · Clutch Failure Symptom 4: Clutch Pedal Remains Stuck to the Floor. A clutch pedal that stays on the floor means that you have binding problems with the linkage or release bearing. In this case, check that the springs in the linkage are not over-stretched – they may need adjustment. A short time after I changed the clutch and flywheel, I began to have a strange problem with my clutch pedal and no one I have asked can figure out what is happening so I thought I would post my question here. Sometimes the pedal would pull down to the floor on it's own, without my ever touching it, and stay there firmly pressed against the floor. Jun 19, 2011 · Yes when you replace the two parts you will need to bleed the system. Best way to bleed your clutch is after you have installed it, fill the master cylinder and open the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder and let it bleed itself with gravity then once the liquids starts to drip out the bleed nipple close it and pump the clutch pedal 20 times it will build up pressure then you are good to go. If your footwear is wet or muddy, etc., that clutch pedal is a total pain! Not to mention the brake being the same as the accelerator and right there next to it. I have heard stories of people getting their feet stuck in-between the pedals, etc. I used to have to look down there to make sure I wasn't going to hit the brake instead of the ... Aug 03, 2008 · Nevertheless, the clutch is stuck. It'll start in neutral and it'll start while in gear. Helps if the FEL and 3 pt are up. What to do? Searched the TBN forum and also googled "Tractor Stuck Clutch", similar advice on all queries. Adjusted the linkage and started it in reverse. Backed it up about 40 feet and shut it down. Jul 16, 2013 · My clutch pedal stays on the floor after changing gear, it only seems to start playing up after a 40+ mile journey when everything has had a chance to get hot etc. When the problem starts its intermittent, sometimes the pedal will return normally, if not I have to spring the pedal back up with my foot. Dec 25, 2017 · You could also try your propane torch on the rear plate, get it generally warm all over (maybe just slightly too hot to touch) and then when it cools down a bit, pour some diesel over it and then get your putty knife in there and see if you can slide it in between the plates and break the bond Sometimes you can even just apply the brakes with the clutch down. You are just looking for the torque of the engine to separate the disc from the flywheel. It is rarely ever stuck so bad that the tractor will need to be split. clutch pedal sticking just lately the clutch pedal has not been returning, it's not causing the clutch to slip but a couple of times after pulling away and having to stop whilst in first gear because someone crossing the carpark I have gone to change gear and pedal was stuck down had to get toe under and then it... Step 3: Grab a pry bar and push the slave cylinder pin back into its rest position The clutch pedal should return to its rest position as well. Push down on the clutch pedal and see if will return. If the pedal stays on the floor, then the slave cylinder may have an internal leak if there is no external leakage. Could be the bell crank, which is the rod that attaches between the frame and bell housing and the clutch linkage comes into it from the top. It has a grease zirk on the bottom, so it may need greasing. Or a worn out return spring. Or a slipping/worn clutch plate. This draws the fluid in to the Clutch Slave Cylinder. The person on the Bleeder shouts out to the person on the Clutch Pedal "Down". When the Pedal is down open the Bleeder, let it bubble and drip some, then close the Bleeder. Repeat until there are no bubbles. 5. Pump (push up and down) the Clutch Pedal until you feel some resistance and the ... Remove the rubber grip from your factory clutch pedal. Then slide each half of the extension over the clutch pedal so that the metal pedal pad slides into the grooves inside the extension. Once both halves are on the pedal and merged together, install both bolts to hold the extension together (drop of thread locker won't hurt if you got it). The pedal is sticking down, and you cannot get gears sometimes... The pedal can stay down if there is air in the system or the master is shot etc... I have also seen this when the clutch cover diaphragm spring packs in, but the randomness of your issues does point to the hydraulic system. Nov 12, 2010 · When i push clutch pedal all the way down and then bring it back up to engage the engages immediately. i... Why won't my brand new Honda Civic start?! Went on vacation for a week and came back to a car that won't start. my 2012 honda has under 10,000 miles on it and i... Clutch pedal does not return and stays down. . Reply 1: inspected the throw out bearing arm for damage if okay and not loose... A conventional clutch-type manual transmission that employs electronic, pneumatic and/or hydraulic actuators in place of a conventional clutch pedal, and a purely mechanical shift lever. Dec 25, 2017 · You could also try your propane torch on the rear plate, get it generally warm all over (maybe just slightly too hot to touch) and then when it cools down a bit, pour some diesel over it and then get your putty knife in there and see if you can slide it in between the plates and break the bond Dec 18, 2007 · Hi, i just started having problems with the clutch pedal today, i put my foot on the clutch change gear, and then it sticks in the down position, a couple of press's again and back up to where it should be and off i go. It happened about 12 times on a 20 mile journey but i never know if the bloody thing is ever going to come back up again.. Clutch at first seemed repaired but as I drive it sometimes gets stuck and can be returned with my foot. Master cylinder reservoir depletes about 1 CM every drive and this is even a super short drive down the street and back.